Thursday, May 27, 2004

No real time at the moment for anything else.

1. I think that I will be able to get a second class for the summer. As many of you well know this would practically double my summer pay. I also think that having the extra hours will demonstrate my desire to work.

2. I need to get an checking account as soon as possible. Apparently ACC has a policy that direct deposit is required. This poses a problem for me who cant open an account until I get paid. I think that I can get this one worked out though.

3. Going to talk to an apartment locator later in the week. Hoping that they will be able to find me something good for pretty cheap. The people that I talk to seem to be optimistic about it, but I think that they are used to Austin prices.

4. Classes are great. Tuesday and Thursday nights. Just a little over twent students. The perfect size for a class if you ask me. I've actually been devoting alot of time to my lectures, so I think that the semester is going to be quite nice.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

To all who are here assembled

let it be known that The Tom, much guilty and corrupt, has served in full his time of purgation and will leave Commerce, a place which has served him well, and shall pass into Austin, a place which he shall serve well as a Professor of Physics. He is to leave Commerce on Sunday bearing only those objects which he may fit into his car and the car of his friend Matt and to be delivered to his new possessors at a house off Rundberg street. On Monday he is to begin his career subverting young and impressionable minds with aspects of the truth. The attrition of sin is done.

I once wrote in my journal, which I only keep from time to time, that I always had the strength to carry the stones if only someone would help me to lift them. Now it seems that the universe has lifted them all by itself and after placing them in my arms commanded me to "Go." We must always be careful of what we wish for. Now I have been given a gift of the most important kind, the structure and beginning to the life I have always wanted. Most importantly though, I have been given a clean slate of a soul. My time here has made me maleable and reminded me that I am my own creation, and not the creation of those around me. But what am I to be? What shall I choose to be when Sunday comes and my life begins anew?
I want to get more in touch with my body. I will quit smoking immediate upon my leaving here on Sunday. Cigarettes are killing me slowly and robbing me of a great portion of my money. I will also start running, and through the rest of the summer I will go swimming as often as I can. One of my goals will be to get in better shape, not only so that I can look better but also so that I will feel better.
Physics has been the major guiding force of my life and I will throw myself, mind and soul, into it again. I will once again pick up my research and redouble my efforts to complete a proper model. My career is here and I shall devote my life to it.
There is a world out there that I have ignored. Great injustices and sorrows occur with every moment of every day. Man's inhumanity against man may not be mine to end, but with my new life it will be at least mine to ease. I shall take a greater role in humanity and in making certain that compassion will always still exist.
I shall foster growth in myself with vigour. No longer will I sit idle in my room and wait for all the world, or those I care for, to come to me. Instead I shall be a participant in my life and all of its passions.
I will write again and learn to cook. I will read for pleasure and not for school for the first time in years. I will make more wine and learn the craft as best I can.
I will seek God in myself, though still not in religion. I shall devote a portion of each day to quiet contemplation and meditation.
Teaching is my choice of career and I shall devote myself to its proper accomplishment. I hope to make my classes interesting and well informed. I want to take alot of suggestions from
I will begin my life anew.

One more thing

I notice the numbers on my counter every time that I come here to update and I cannot account for where they all come from, so please, if you haven't before, then please, SIGN MY order of THE Tom

Long is the way, and hard

I got the job in Austin!!!!!! Those of you who know me personally are now to call me Professor The Tom since I am now an adjunct proffessor of Physics. It seems to me that the Prayer Warriors (also known as Isaac's parents) did a fine job in their duties. Isaac's mom refused to take any credit for it at all, saying that I had earned it. Isaac's dad, a man of always striking humor, said, "Wow, we have big strong mojo".
"So, what does this mean?" you ask. Well, it means that I have had to spend the last several days packing because my first day of classes is on Tuesday, but I need to be there on Monday for new Proffessor Orientation. It seems that my purgation has ended and I am to take my place as a corruptor of young minds. Joy of joys! It also means, however, that The Tom will be having a party on Saturday night. Everyone who knows how to get here is invited. We ask that you park in the student parking lot down the street so as to not attract the powers that be on my last night in Commerce.
This is not the only piece of news that I have this week. As it turns out my parents have probably sold their house. It's a thing that they have been worried about for a while, but their worries were SO COMPLETELY unfounded. The day they put their house up for sale they got a call about a guy who is interested. The very next working day he came and saw it and now they are under contract to sell on June 17th. I've never heard of anyone selling a house in just one day (except for my grandfather who once spouted off to a friend of his at a resteraunt that if someone would offer him X amount for his house then he would take it without question and the guy wrote him a check then and there. My grandmother was PISSED when he got home and said, "Lunch was great. By the way, I sold our house and we have to be out of it in 2 weeks.")
But wait, thats not all. We are happy to include, at no extra charge, a visit with one of my dearest and most cherished souls ever, Ryan, The Prince of Darkness. Ryan has just finished his Juris Doctorate from Georgetown and flew into Dallas for a few days. Last night I got to see him for a while (though he got me drunk). He has a job offer in New York which starts on September 13th. I hope that it goes well for him, though I do have to say that New York is awfully far away. I miss my Ryan terribly, but I got to see him for a little while at least.

I have packing to do, though Im not planning on taking most of my stuff with me. Anyway, I gots to go. Hopefully I will have more time later to include more of my thoughts on this move soon. Until then, Power to the people, yo.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Here inside the terrarium

So I was walking down to my neighbor Joe's house, minding my own business and talking to Isaac on my cell phone when all of a sudden I saw a car racing away from the police. Thinking it was little more than a car chase (which in small town East Texas is interesting enough) I continued on my way. The car turned down a street just a block away and the police cars raced after it.
Moments later there were at least 10 police cruisers and a couple of unmarked police cars, all with the sirens blaring, racing down the street, which was apparently the place to be in Commerce if you wanted to see action.
Still, being that the police tend to know what they are doing, and that a car chase is really not interesting enough to chase after (especially on foot) I let it be. Then all of a sudden I heard gunshots, 5 of them. I paused, told Isaac that I would call him back, and started heading in the direction of the unraveling drama.
Now, I know that many of you would say that there is absolutely no reason to head in the drection of gunshots, but I never really intended to get closer than the intersection of the streets. Still, my reasoning notwithstanding, I went anyway.
The scene was really much less interesting than I thought that it would be. There was no standoff, no hostage situation, and no culprit. As it turns out the car that was being chased had two people in it, a man and a woman. The car was pulled over and then ran, the police suspect that they had robbed one of the local gas stations. The police shot at the back window of the car, which hit a pole and was totalled. Luckily no one was hurt in either the wreck or the gunfight.
The man was arrested. The woman is still at large.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

I am not to go to Austin this day. The Fates and a few professors got together and decided that the interviews would be held next Monday or Tuesday. I still don't know if I am going to be invited down for one, but I think that things are hopeful. We'll just have to wait and see.
I need to be cleanind my room and begin deciding what I am to do with my stuff. I have vowed to go down to Austin with only a short list of things, most of them necessities like books and clothes. My computer is a must. TV can come or go. Still, I have a room full of detritus from living a life for so long, and I have to decide where to put it all. I don't want to just throw it away, it served me well after all.
Today is a day for exploring. Be wary, for I think perhaps The Tom shall go hunting today.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

and being a saga it continues still

And so, gentle reader, I return to my home with more news from the front. I have arranged for my school here to release one copy of my transcript, complete with my degree and all, but they cannot mail it until the end of next week. This, as you may recall from my previous battles with time, is inconvenient, but I think now a point which I can get past.
As it turns out the school is not so bad to deal with. The secretary in my department made a few phone calls and managed to find the person who could say yes. I have come to truely appreciate the idea that if you want something done fast and well ask the assistant.
So here is the deal. After I got my transcript released I called this prof. who is doing the hiring back and talked to him. I explained that my application inculded a copy of my transcript without the graduation on it and all he has to do is track it down. I don't know if that means I get an interview yet, but they are this Friday, so I guess I will know soon enough.

And the Saga Continues

Austin just called me. Not the whole city of course, that would be unruly, but the man directly responsible for hiring the position that I want so desperately. He was returning a phone call that I left yesterday, but he still was encouraging about the possibility of doing interviews later this week.
Everything is still waiting on my transcripts, but he said that he would get my application materials from the chairman of the department, with whom I left them. The transcript included does not show my graduation on it, but there is a letter from the department head here saying that I would. It's a hope at least, and what was it that Diceknson said, "Hope is a thing with feathers."
Speaking of feathers, one of Charlemagne's soldiers has gained asylum in my roomate. While at a mothers day celebration at his parents house we discovered that the cat had a tiny morsel cornered in the doorway. Jason, always a man of compassion, stole the bird from Mr. Cat and brought it home to recouperate in his room.
This little sparrow, unlike Hope and other such fickle creatures of the skies, cannot fly away just yet. It is either too small or too hurt to fly any but the shortest of distances. Perhaps its the unborn infants soul that it carries in its mouth which weighs it down. Lets just hope the assigned mother doesn't go into labor while we have such an important delivery man here recovering in a cage.
I was surprised to find that the cats here have left the bird more or less alone, but we have sealed off a whole wing of the house to keep the sparrow safe.
I think perhaps I want to spend the summer writing. A student may lead one of the freest lives in some respects, but your time is never your own. Books or essays beyond those for class become an almost complete impossibility.
Writing though I think is for later, for right now I shall take a nap.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Greetings from the edge

Summer has come and with her has come freedom! If only for a matter of days or maybe even hours. The more in which I inquire into this position in Austin the more that I discover that time is working against me. Perhaps I should be grateful to be a force important enough for time to contend against. (My work is about time, perhaps I threw down a gauntlet and didn't even know it.)
So the new news is this. Though I have just come back from Austin (details to be forthcoming) I may have to find a way to return again. I do not think this will be an impossibility. There are a great many parties whose interests are involved, and a great deal of goodwill amongst my family and friends about this endeavor. Still, with my most common sort of poverty these days I find myself breaking my long held rule of not worrying about money. That being said, donations welcome; serendipitous acts of either the Divine or statistics are eagerly sought. Help The Tom to continue to corrupt young minds!
But why? Some would say. Why would you have to return so soon? Well, last week I went to Austin with Isaac for a couple of reasons. First of all, and the reason primary to the goals laid out was for Isaac to complete his massage therapy exam and thus become fully liscenced as a massage therapist in this state. Being that the test was in Austin, where Isaac and I hope soon to move I thought perhaps that I should make a guest appearance at the college where I have applied to teach and see if perhaps I could hand deliver my applications. Isaac agreed and didn't want to go alone, and so off we went, with Matt in tow to complete the perfect business road trip.
And talk to them I did. Now it seems that there are to be interviews held this Friday. If I can make it there again, I believe that they will want to speak with me. It's wonderful news, really, but oh, the timing of it all.
See here is the thing about time. I have to find some way to get my transcripts out of hold (a class that I didn't drop in time, stupid mistake on my part) so that I can make certain that the school will have a copy of them that shows my graduation, which was on Sat. May 8th. Now, my school says that they will not be able to release those until the end of next week, around May 21. But classes start for this job on May 24. So there is a natural glitch in the timing between the two schools, especially since neither was willing to budge, at first. Today I managed to get some powerful allies on my side here at the school, and I think that they are going to help me get past the barriers I am running into here. But then there is this second problem, these interviews on the 14th. (this Friday). I think that I can get to Austin. I think that I can survive on Ramman and my friends hospitality when I get there. I think that if I talk to them then I can probably get the job, but if I do get the job then I would have to be there for the first day of classes, thats right, MAY 24. And so the race is on! Get there, GET THE JOB, get home, get packed, get there again, TEACH CLASSES!
Thank God for the Summer, right?