Sunday, May 08, 2011

I'll take it as a sign that this is my 137th post, at least however the numbering is counted cause there are several posts that never quite made it to print. I think that there is an obligation to finish this one. I owe it to my Aunt Serendipity. Or perhaps I owe it to myself.
It's hard to start up again. Not only in new places, which is nonetheless also true, but to start up the self again. If you lay fallow for even just a little while standing up again is hard. But it starts the way it started before, we have little adventures everyday. You fail only when you avoid them.
Today is mothers day and I'll make it a point today not only to think of my mother (I love you, Jan!) but to think of things in myself that my mother has given me. Myself, my life, my love, my hope, my forgiveness, my free spirit. My mom gave me me.