Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Whispers Sound Like Thunder

Have my gaping flaws and errors finally cracked my foundation? Am I about to fall again? Certainly I have my failings and realize that they are a growing threat to be reckoned with but to me it seems that there is still time - that all is not lost just yet. And yet the eyes of my few friends here seem filled with that familiar sorrow when they see me, as if they're looking at my corpse. And when they speak the tone of their words seems forced; their phrases seem somehow chosen - the words they say seem softer than the roar of the words they've kept silent.
Am I doomed? To death? To exile? To ruin? To chains?
Do they know?
Can it be seen on me or do they have a guide?

or perhaps I simply see things that aren't there (however statistically unlikely that may be)


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